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Episode 42 - Wedding Anniversary - Dennis DeYoung

Episode 42 - Wedding Anniversary - Dennis DeYoung

In this episode, Dennis sits down with his wife Suzanne on the eve of their 48th wedding anniversary. Together they talk about how they met in 1964… We get the story of their first kiss, and then fast forward to their wedding day 6 years later in 1970.


Come Sail Away episode 41 Dennis DeYoung

Dennis talks about what new year’s are about and what’s going to happen in 2018. Dennis discusses his touring in 2017 and the fact that he turned 70.


Come Sail Away - episode #40 Dennis DeYoung

Podcast #40 Holiday special - talking about spending the holidays in Florida.


Come Sail Away Podcast 39 Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung acknowledges that the Christmas season is upon us. He mentions that he wrote a Christmas song and tells you how to find that.


Come Sail Away - Dennis DeYoung podcast #38

Dennis talks about how you properly mix different styles of music. He says mixing is the hardest thing about making records.

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